Report harassment or file a complaint

Report any form of harassment or file a complaint about services in a secure and confidential manner. Find guidance on the process and what to expect after filing a report.

Integrity Line

Red Cross in Iceland offers safe and secure processes for users of our services to submit a report in case they have been a victim of, or have witnessed a harassment or a misconduct involving Red Cross operations or personnel.

If you wish to report misconduct or harassment that you yourself were exposed to, or have witnessed such behavior from our Red Cross staff or volunteers, you have an opportunity to submit a report of such incident through our Integrity line.

Reporting an incident/Submitting a complaint

You can access and submit your report here and you can do that anonymously or with full disclosure. Any case of a fraud, harassment, abuse, child safeguarding, security incidents or similar, that involves Red Cross staff and/or volunteer can be reported. Even if you chose to report a misconduct with your identity revealed, you will still have access to the services you are using: reporting will not impact your use of the Red Cross services. Throughout the process, the investigating team will be careful to respect your wishes, and prioritize your safety and confidentiality. The form is available online in English, but you are free to write to us in the language you feel most comfortable with.

The process of investigation (after you report)

As you can assume, each case submitted is different from another one, and examined with care. The Red Cross staff engaged in the process upon receiving your report are highly skilled professionals who will be able to tailor the process as needed in your specific case. They will answer to your concrete concerns and engage with you through the system while seeking the best available solution. You will be offered a "registration number" that you can use to log back in without using any information that can identify you.

The Red Cross believes in your good faith and with the best intent, and will never act in any way to make you feel bad for reporting. Even if the investigation fails to find breach of integrity and other principles of the Red Cross, you will have continued access to the ongoing services throughout and after the process is concluded.

  • You can read more about our commitments and policies regulating this process on the links here and here.

Reporting missconduct by other service providers

If you are a victim of, or have witnessed misconduct from an employee of a government agency, that is - other service provider than the Red Cross, please submit your report through their official reporting system available in English here.

Cases and complaints against other service providers that are not part of the Red Cross cannot be investigated by our team and the Red Cross cannot represent you in such cases.