Icelandic Red Cross

Here you will find essential contact details for the Icelandic Red Cross, including phone numbers and email addresses, alongside recent updates and additional information available on our social media and other platforms.

Icelandic Red Cross organizes monthly programs and activities, aiming to create an opportunity for asylum seekers to socialize, create safe spaces and an environment that encourages and facilitates integraiton into Icelandic society.

We deliver our activities in different locations in Reykjavík, Keflavík, Laugarvatn and Hotel Glymur, Hvalfjarðasveit. In each of the locations we have a dedicated team of the Icleandic Red Cross staff and our volunteers, who help organize and deliver the activities which may be recreational (sports or arts for example), educational (language courses: Icelandic and/or English) or simply - opportunities to socialize through women and youth groups. We deliver these with thanks to our volunteers, who for free deliver each of the activity they are in charge of.

As the program may change from month to month - depenting on the availability of resources and facilities, it is important to monitor our announcements on the Facebook pages listed below. There we publish the montly plans per location, and any other extra activity or opportunity that may open with short notice.

The Red Cross operates a housing centre for asylum seekers upon their arrival in Iceland, located at Borgatún 7D. This is a short-term stay and only for newly arrived asylum seekers until VMST has provided them with a more permanent housing. Guests are only permitted to stay after a referral from Directorate of Labor (VMST). The Red Cross also runs an overnight shelter for asylum seekers who have received a final negative response to their application for international protection and have been rejected all services from Icelandic authorities. This shelter is located in Borgatun 7C.

Open interview hours

The Red Cross offers Open Interview Hours for all asylum seekers, where you can get clothing cards and relevant information.

Open interview hours are as follows:


Those who are seeking international protection can come every Monday to Thursday from 09:00 -11:00. Those who have international protection (social security number) can come every Monday from 09:00 -11:00. Location: Domus, Egilsgata 3.


Thursday 12:00-15:00 – Red Cross, Smiðjuvellir 8, Reykjanesbær. Monday and Tuesday 9.00-11.00 O'Club,Grænásbraut 619, Ásbrú.

Red Cross helpline



570 4000


Social Media

Websites of the Icelandic Red Cross

The link below takes you to the official website of the Icelandic Red Cross - where you can get to know our mission, vision and way of working.

Restoring Family Links

Have you lost contact with your family members due to conflict, migration or natural disaster? The Red Cross can help to trace your loved ones through the global Red Cross network.

If you are searching for a lost loved one you can start you search here, also you can contact the Icelandic Red Cross tracing team to help you with your search. you can book an appointment with our tracing team by writing (in the language you feel most comfortable with) to this email address:

Trace the Face is a Red Cross and Red Crescent website which helps migrants, and their families reconnect. If you have lost contact with someone or if you have a relative who has gone missing during migration, you can search our photo gallery or contact us to publish a photo of yourself for someone else to find, rather than photos of missing persons, this website is filled with photos of people who are looking for their family members.